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These workers slept in a doghouse to make make a point

Posted at 9:00 PM, Feb 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-19 18:52:16-05


DETROIT (WDIV) — Some Michigan Humane Society staff members spent Tuesday night in some doghouses to make a point about animal cruelty.

The workers spent eight hours in the frigid cold with little but straw and the plywood shelters for structure.

The staff members said they want to put a spotlight on the issue of leaving pets outside in freezing temperatures.

“Members of the cruelty rescue department are sleeping in dog houses tonight to bring awareness to the problem of pets sleeping outside without animal shelter,” the Michigan Humane Society’s Deborah MacDonald said.

The humane society workers said they respond to thousands of calls each year about animals that have been abused, neglected or are sick or injured.