CAUTION: Roads turn tricky in second snow, ice up overnight

Posted at 1:35 AM, Feb 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-14 01:35:07-05

Some tow jobs call for improvisation, while others need to wait for the pros.

Roads previously cleared by VDOT turned tricky as a second round of winter weather blew through Central Virginia Thursday afternoon.

"Mainly worried about other drivers,” said  Brian Kay. “That's the worst part. People aren't paying attention, not watching what they’re doing and starting to slide."

For the most part, you can maneuver on and manage all the main roads.

"Main roads are clear,” said Steven Chambers.  “The secondary roads are terrible."

More than likely, those second roads are the biggest reason school districts decided to keep students at home for another day of thawing.  But the thawing may be a test for drivers on the road right now.

"As it get closer to midnight, there will probably be some black ice,” said Chambers, who says he only came out for what he calls a necessity in life.

"I needed my sodas, man,” he said.  “Plus, it was only few streets away."

Others like Kay said everyone could get home safely if they slowed down and used some common sense.  "The temp changed a bit," said Kay.  "The roads are slushy, so take your time because you know it's going to turn into ice."