West of Richmond, people dig out from 8 plus inches of snow

Posted at 8:45 PM, Feb 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-13 20:45:47-05

GORDONSVILLE, Va. (WTVR)--Head west of Richmond and the snow accumulations begin to pile up, and the roads become more treacherous.

Snow totals ranged from 8" to 16" inches west of the metro area.

In the tiny town of Gordonsville, a big snow event inevitably forces some businesses to close. But this winter weather didn't keep Ben Suling away.

"Not with four-wheel drive. I am imagine for other people it might be a little dangerous," said Ben Suling.

The eight inches that blanketed parts of Orange county Wednesday means people are digging out.

"What can you say?  You got to do it.  Ain't nobody going to come around and do it for you," said Thad Lewis.

Snow plow drivers are working overtime.

While local restaurant owner Craig Hartman says mother nature is hurting his bottom line.

"It really impacts us.  We usually do about a quarter of the business that we would normally do on a given day," said Craig Hartman, owner, Barbecue Exchange.

"When it comes to business it's a little tough."

Not too tough for Ken Moss  He couldn't wait for the snow to come so, he could drive in from Charlottesville to test out his Subaru.

"I was excited about it.  I've been forward to it ever since they started talking about it.  I managed to get out of work today.  So, I'm getting paid and I'm out having fun," Moss said.

VDOT handles the main roads running through Orange County, and county officials hire outside contractors to clear neighborhood streets.

According to State Police, troopers responded to one crash in Orange county, and there were zero reports of disabled vehicles.