Suspected ‘Bloods’ gang member heard at Henrico jail: ‘Whip it, whip it good’

Posted at 1:02 AM, Feb 11, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-11 01:02:39-05

HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)--Suspects involved in the death investigation of reserve Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick made a court appearance Monday.

During the visit to the Henrico County Jail, one suspect could be heard saying “Whoop, Whoop!” and another yelling back, “Whip it, whip it good!”

A gang expert CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett spoke with says that's how gang members show support for each other.  Basically, it’s: ‘I’ve got your back.’

Leslie Casterlow, Halisi Uhuru, Anthony White and Anthony Stokes all took turns in a jailhouse video-conference room chair Monday afternoon, facing a judge through the lens of a camera.

They learned they will be held without bond on a gang charge.

Additionally, for three of them, their murder charge was “nulle prossed,” or set aside, at least for now.

That’s part of the prosecution strategy, says CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone.  "The goal of the prosecutor is to hold them so they are not a threat to the public, or a flight risk,” Stone said.  “They can pressure them to talk.”

Casterlow broke down in tears during her conference, upon hearing the murder charge was dropped.

The suspected “Bloods”  gang members Stokes and Uhuru apparently tried to communicate their support for each other by making those guttural sounds or screaming the lyrics from that bygone Devo song.

Is that a concern for investigators?

"It's definitely something we take a look at,” Dep. Chief Richard Garrison.  “But some of it is just typical inmate behavior. It's an emotionally charged time for the inmates."

CBS 6 was not allowed to speak with any of the suspects as all of them were about to be awarded court-appointed attorneys.

Still unexplained, though, is what role the four played, if any, in the murder of Quick.

Quick, 45, was an auxiliary police captain and resident of Waynesboro, a small town west of Charlottesville. Auxiliary officers aren't paid but hold ranks, have badges and carry firearms like full-time officers.

He was last seen the night of January 31 after he left the house he shared with his mother. His remains were found last Thursday.

Authorities have not revealed the cause of death or explained any connection between Quick and the suspects.

Two other suspects arrested last Tuesday, siblings Daniel Mathis and Mersadies Shelton, are held each on charges of felony grand theft for allegedly stealing Quick's vehicle, a 1999 Toyota 4Runner. They are not being charged in connection with Quick's death.

Another man, Anthony Lee White, 22, was arrested after the others were already in custody, and White also will face gang participation charges, Stokes' office said.

Legal expert Stone says he expects charges will change quite a few times before a trial is set.  "They want to put all their ducks in a row and figure out what the appropriate charges are,” Stone said.  “Usually murders will be handled in the state system."

Casterlow, Uhuru and Stokes are all  being held in solitary confinement.

They are permitted one hour of recreation each day and will not have contact with each other while behind bars.