Neighbors react to arrests in police captain’s death

Posted at 11:27 PM, Feb 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-07 23:27:45-05

MANASSAS COUNTY, Va.(WTVR)- CBS 6's Jon Burkett traveled to Manassas Friday afternoon where suspects Anthony Stokes, Jr and Leslie Casterlow lived about two miles from each other.

Neighbors didn't know them, but Stokes’ brother told us off-camera he was disappointed in his brother, who had just recently been released from prison.

"it's been a long week for us,” said Waynesboro Police Chief Michael Wilhelm.  “We've been very busy trying to find Kevin and help the state police with this heart-wrenching case."

And there are still many unanswered questions when it comes to what exactly happened to reserve Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick.

What's the connection to the six suspects in custody, five of whom have already been charged?

It's something state police say they still can't answer publicly.

"As far as their connection, we are not going to go into detail because it's still part of an ongoing investigation," said Corinne Geller a spokes

An investigation that started to unravel the mystery Monday when Quick's SUV was found in Mineral with a trunk full of evidence.  Several searches and three days later, Quick’s body was found stashed in the woods off Old Columbia Road, right on the Goochland/ Fluvanna County line.

"Unfortunately, it was not a tip that lead us there,” said Geller.  “We received intelligence that these individuals may have been out in that area.  We went out and searched along the road and the discovery was made."

12 hours after that discovery, police in Prince William County arrested the last three suspects and charged them with a felony count of Principle in the 2nd degree, and a felony count of gang participation.

Several residents we spoke with off-camera at a Portsmouth Road complex believe they've seen Halisi Uhuru here.  Stokes’ brother lives at an apartment there but says it's been awhile since he's seen his brother.

He didn't want to comment further.