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Wife of man killed at Florida movie theater to speak at Curtis Reeves’ hearing

Posted at 8:25 PM, Feb 05, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-05 19:11:41-05

(CNN) — Florida theater shooting suspect Curtis Reeves is expected to attend his bond hearing Wednesday. So is the wife of the man he is accused of killing in a movie theater over a texting argument last month.

The January 13 shooting at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel killed Chad Oulson and left his wife, Nicole Oulson, with a hand injury.

Reeves, 71, a former Tampa police officer, is accused of shooting Chad Oulson after an altercation because the latter was texting the couple’s babysitter during movie previews, police said.

The suspect was with his wife for the matinee at the theater in suburban Tampa.

During the argument, Reeves left the auditorium, apparently to complain to management, police said.

He returned irritated, the argument continued and popcorn was thrown, a witness said.

In the incident report, the suspect told police he was hit with an unknown object in the face and fearing he was under attack, pulled a handgun from his pocket and shot Chad Oulson.

But the victim’s wife said the two men exchanged words, but nothing that merited gunfire.

“It was a couple of words. No threats. No harm. No nothing,” she told ABC’s “Good Morning America” last month. “We’re both very respectful when the movie is on, that we put our phones away. He took a couple of seconds just to check the phone to make sure there were no messages about our daughter.”

A defense attorney has said Reeves was the victim and Chad Oulson was the aggressor. But Nicole Oulson’s attorney, TJ Grimaldi, dismissed that idea.