GOLDMAN: The Richmond Times-Dispatch must think I’m an idiot

Posted at 8:55 AM, Feb 03, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-03 09:18:12-05

RICHMOND, Va. – I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But an idiot?  That stings.

Admittedly it’s my fault. There is no law requiring me to read the Richmond Times Dispatch editorial page. But I do. A writer has to be informed of stuff right?

Like any idiot, I looked up the description in Wikipedia.

“The modern meaning …dates back to…around the year 1300.”

That’s around the time the King of France expelled all the Jews. Six hundred forty-four years later, the Goldmans land on D-Day to give the French their country back from the Nazis. Go figure.

Fortunately they designed Google to be used by idiots. That’s whole point of the Internet right? Anyone can use it to find stuff. Since the word “idiot” seemed a tad harsh, I wanted to find synonyms.

This is what Google gave me: fool,  ass, halfwit, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, moron, imbecile, simpleton, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dumbo, dummy, dumdum, loon, dork, sap, jackass, blockhead, jughead, bonehead, knucklehead, fathead, butthead, numbskull… you get the idea.

Truth is, I probably have been called most of them more than once over the years. So, I might as well just accept being an idiot.

After all, who but an idiot would be expected by the Richmond Times Dispatch to believe their editorial this past Saturday?

They quoted the following insight – from Mayor Jones’  State of the City speech –  in their editorial supporting his Shockoe Bottom Stadium proposal:

“At some point, we need to tie a knot on this and get it done. And if we don’t, I think in 10 years then Shockoe will look like it looks today.” It is hard to dispute him”

This is February of 2014. According to the Richmond Times Dispatch and Mayor Jones, if we don’t build his Shockoe Bottom Stadium, the area will look the same in 2024.

With all due respect, only an idiot could be expected to believe such a silly statement.

Apparently the Mayor and the RTD believe Richmond City Council consists of at least five and perhaps seven idiots. We will learn soon enough.

But I ask again, who, but an idiot, could possibly not be insulted if your Mayor and your hometown newspaper expected you believe such drivel, such utter nonsense?

The Mayor’s – and now the RTD’s – Shockoe Bottom Stadium will cost well over $100 million in public dollars to build and finance.

Surely the Mayor and the RTD owe Richmonders an explanation as to why this statement is true as they work 24/7 to find a way to get their hands on all that money while bypassing the expected rights of the people built into the City Charter.

Is that too much to ask? Even for an idiot.

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