ATTORNEY: Randy Taylor’s won’t get fair trial in Nelson County

Posted at 3:21 PM, Jan 31, 2014
and last updated 2014-01-31 15:21:10-05

New developments today in the case against Randy Taylor, the man charged with abducting and killing Nelson county teenager, age 17, Alexis Murphy.

Taylor’s attorney wants to move the trial out of Nelson County, according to a report from WDBJ in Roanoke.

Taylor’s attorney Michael Hallahan filed a motion seeking a change of venue because he is worried Taylor won't get a fair trial in Nelson County. He said because of all the media attention, it will be difficult to seat a fair and impartial jury.

Taylor’s next court appearance is scheduled for next Friday, February 7th.

Taylor, 48, was arrested Aug. 12 on abduction charges in connection with Alexis’ disappearance. Surveillance video at a Lovingston gas station captured images Murphy, 17, on Saturday, Aug. 3. That was the last time Alexis Murphy was seen.

Taylor’s attorney told CBS 6 News in August that her disappearance might be linked to a drug deal. He said Taylor, Alexis and an unidentified drug dealer met at Taylor’s Nelson Highway home.  After buying $60 in marijuana Taylor insisted Alexis and the drug dealer left.  Taylor said that was the last time he saw the teen.