Cyber criminals launch new Target attack

Posted at 1:15 AM, Dec 28, 2013

Cyber criminals wreaked havoc in one of the largest security breaches at a US retailer.

Target confirmed Friday that debit card PIN data was stolen in its recent massive breach, reversing its earlier stance that the codes were not part of the hack.

When hackers managed to steal the credit and debit card members numbers of nearly 40 million shoppers, Target customers went on the alert.

The security breach left millions of debit and credit card holders anxious about their personal information being used by thieves.

Now Target customers, like  Frank Winstead are ticked off that more scammers are getting in on the action.

The concern now is that consumers across the country have received emails that appear to be from Target.

They are much like the one posted on the retailer's official website, but in reality experts say it appears to be a phishing scam designed to bilk more consumers out of their personal information.

The real Target message contains legitimate links to the websites of the major credit bureaus as well as the FTC.

The bogus one also contains links that look real but they are not legit.

It is just  one more thing Winstead says shoppers don't want to have to deal with especially during the holiday season.

Experts with the Better Business Bureau say it's all the more reason to always safeguard your information because you don't want to deal with the fallout that could follow when criminals strike.