Molly the dog’s surgery a success, after 4 legs broken by snowplow

Posted at 6:23 PM, Dec 19, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-23 10:55:00-05

Update: Molly made it through surgery!

Read more on her recovery here. 

Thanks to the internet, money poured in to help a severely injured Australian shepherd in New Hampshire.

She's desperately in need of surgery, and the community's generosity is about to make that happen. The dog Molly is battered, bruised and facing an uncertain future, but with an occasional wag of the tail, the three-year-old dog appears to be trying to keep her spirits high.

The Australian shepherd was hit by a plow truck Tuesday night, and all four of her limbs are broken.

"Last evening, her owner brought her in. It was during the snowstorm. He's not really sure what happened. He thinks that because everything was white, that she didn't realize where she was,” Dr. Deborah Kelloway, Veterinarian, said.

Molly's owner, a veteran, told emergency room staff he just didn't have the money to get Molly the care she needed to save her life.

He wasn't even sure he could afford to have her euthanized and asked about taking his dog home to die.

That's when veterinarians asked if he would surrender Molly, so they could start a fundraising effort, to get her the surgery she needs to survive.

"Not really a good chance for her to recover without surgery, because she can't rely on one leg to allow another leg to heal,” Dr. Kelloway said.

Dr. Kelloway took to the internets, and enlisted the help of "All Better Pets" a non-profit organization for injured animals.

A GoFundMe was established, and emails sent, and within a day the group has raised the money needed for Molly’s surgery.

The goal was set at $10,000, and $33,000 was raised thanks to the nation’s generosity (Click the link to see the sweet messages).

Kelloway said the additional money will go towards the dog's long-term recovery and for other pet owners who can't afford medical emergencies.

Molly's 10-hour surgery is scheduled for Saturday, and the goal is to have her back in her owner's home by Christmas.

Dr. Kelloway says it's the least she can do for the veteran who nearly lost his dog, and for this good natured pet, that nearly lost her life.

"She's wagging her tail so; you know it's pretty amazing."