Mom devastated after UPS puts Christmas package in the trash

Posted at 11:22 AM, Dec 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-16 11:22:38-05

MISSOURI — A woman was devastated when she found a notice in her mailbox indicating that a package was placed in her outdoor trash can by the delivery person.

“So, I opened the trash can and look in and all that’s left were two frozen cups,” Tracy Sole said. “My package had been picked up by the trash man.”

Sole says it wasn’t just any package. It was an Android Tablet that was going to be a gift for her daughter.

She suspects it was dumped with the rest of her trash — and is now long gone.

“I was crying all night last night,” Sole said. “I mean I saved for months to get that for my daughter, and then for them to just throw it in the trash.”

She called UPS and says she was told to contact the company she ordered the tablet from. That company told Sole they could send her a new tablet, but there is no guarantee it will make it to her by Christmas.

It was reported that an investigation will be launched in an effort to find out what happened and why the delivery person left the package in the trash can.

For an additional charge, the company offers a delivery service that requires a signature for a package.

Drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and away from bad weather.

Sole says she understands that a delivery person would not want to go down an icy driveway, but feels a trash can is not the right place to leave a package.

Now she will have to explain to her daughter why her gift won’t be under the tree at Christmas.