Time ticking for the Richmond school board to decide on superintendent

Posted at 2:31 AM, Dec 15, 2013
and last updated 2013-12-15 13:27:01-05

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Time is dwindling for Richmond City school board members to decide on a new, permanent superintendent.

The school board is now two weeks away from naming an official candidate for the position.

"They're worked hard.  They've worked responsibly.  They've come to the end of the progress," said Paul Goldman, Political Watchdog. "They want to give the public more time to participate.”

The board has narrowed down the pool of 76 candidates for the job to 3 finalists. Sources close to the Superintendent's search told CBS 6 about one of the three candidates left standing: Dr. Anthony Jackson.

Dr. Jackson is currently the superintendent of Nash Rocky Mount Public Schools in North Carolina.

CBS 6 also learned that Dr. Jackson was a former Henrico County school principal and that he was a leader in the Henry County public school system.

Richmond school leaders had asked the State Board of Education for a 30 day extension so that the public could be involved in the selection process and the meet the final candidates.

Richmond school board leaders requested a 30 day extension from the State Board of Education, in an effort to extend the debate to the public and allow them to meet the final candidates, and be a part of the selection process.

The request was denied.

Political Watchdog Paul Goldman questions that decision.

"Maybe, they just didn't feel like working the holidays,” said Goldman.

Goldman believes it's a slap in the face to the board and the public.

"...In this case, there's only one interest:  the interest of making sure Richmonders get participation that school board members make the right decision,” said Goldman.

The Richmond City school board must make their choice by December 27th. If they don't make the deadline, the State Board of Education decides.

The board names their three finalists on Monday.

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