Goat herd survives thundering avalanche in dramatic video

Posted at 9:19 PM, Dec 10, 2013

Viral videos of goats might be taking the internet by storm, but this video captures an avalanche in the French Alps taking goats by surprise, nearly wiping them out.

Captured dramatically on film, the video shows the group of Chamois goats split up, and it appears that half of the group will meet an untimely fate as they strangely remain fixed in place.

The other five high-tail it just ahead of the thundering snow. Fortunately the mass was moving slow enough in this case, such avalanches can reach up to 80 miles an hour.

One head appears from the mounds of snow, and those looking on gasp, then three more appear from the amassed snow piles and the crowd begins to cheer and clap. If my French were better I would say they might be counting heads.

Somehow the goats miraculously escaped death by standing ground.

A zoo described the Alpine Chamois as similar in appearance to a goat and slightly larger than a Roe deer.

All surviving deer book it out of the frame, headed in search of safer terrain hopefully.

According to Google’s French to English translator, the video was shot from the Le Roc de la Peche ski lodge.