Winter storm preparation, safety tips

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 06, 2013

The odds are looking good that we will have snow here in Richmond, and if the odds play out we could have a slippery mess on our hands.

Check out the most recent CBS 6 Storm Team forecast here.

Food. You need to get rations, and probably enough for three days (like the experts say). Richmonders never seem to fail at this stop. Always have enough water on hand too, don’t just go for the beer and chips!

Trees. Leaves. Gutters. Richmond is full of trees, it makes our city pretty. Look around today and take notice of how close those trees are to power lines and the road. Now go park your car as far away from trees as you can. If branches get too covered in ice they could easily fall. Clean gutters so that leaves don’t get icy and weighted down. Wet leaves everywhere are already messy, much less icy ones on the ground.

Medicines. Refill your prescriptions before Sunday, just in case.

Cash. If electricity goes out, your debit card will be useless. As will money just sitting in your bank. So make an ATM stop. Big bills will also be of no help. Try smaller denominations. Hard to recommend an amount, but say, $100 per person in household.

Blankets. Go ahead and locate extra blankets and sheets in case there are power outages. Break out the long johns and wool socks.

Gas. Fill up before the storm. People will use it for generators. The prices could go up. Power outages shut down gas pumps. You might need to go visit your mom and dad, who are prepared enough to have a generator.

Pets. Take them for a nice long walk before the worst weather hits. The experts suggest having a “kit” ready with their food supply in case you have to bail. It doesn’t hurt to have all their proper identification either; collar and rabies tags.

Get Charged Up. Go ahead and get a full charge on all your gadgets now. Think about things like the Photive 2600 portable battery charger.  Get your batteries out.

Generators. If you have one, share with your neighbors. But make sure you ventilate your house properly. As a result of improper ventilation, 34 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning during Hurricane Isabel.

Common Sense. Use it, people. You know you need to have batteries, flashlights, tealights, candles and hand crank radio handy. Take a nice shower before the winter weather hits, just in case. Keep baby wipes around to clean up, if needed.

Walking and Driving. Spread salt and de-icer after rain, but before freezing rain. Avoid driving if you can.

Social Media. Twitter and Facebook are valuable information tool. Get and leave updates through these feeds.

Needed Twitter accounts, numbers and misc. info

Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in the area. (example: shelter 23221)

Citizens can dial 211 for information on emergency shelters opening in their communities.

Call 646-7000 for any utility emergencies, low water pressure, water main breaks, gas leaks.

Sign up here for emergency and other alerts from Henrico County:

Sign up here for emergency and other alerts from Chesterfield County:

Important Contact Info:

@CityRichmondVA – 804-646-7000


DOMVAPower – 866-366-4357

@vadot – 804-367-7623



Cable/Internet Twitter Handles:

@VerizonSupport (phone, internet or FIOS) – 800-837-4966

@ComcastCares – 800-266-2278

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