Man arrested for throwing cash at the mall

Posted at 11:11 AM, Dec 02, 2013

MINNESOTA (WCCO) — When Serge Vorobyov came up with the idea to throw money into a crowd of shoppers at Mall of America during Black Friday, he didn’t anticipate he would get arrested for it.

“I thought I’d just spread some holiday cheer, be positive and pay-it-forward type of thing,” he said. “And make it snow money.”

Police cited him for disorderly conduct.

After a rough year of losing his business and going through a divorce, Vorobyov wanted to do something to make others’ holidays a little brighter.

Vorobyov decided to give away $1,000, the little bit of money he had left, hoping good karma would come back around.

“My last effort of pay it forward,” Vorobyov said. “I thought I can’t keep up with my bills. I’m losing everything, so I might as well have my last little thrill.”

He decided to throw the single dollar bills as a choir was singing “Let it snow.”

Vorobyov will now face a court date and a hefty fine, but he says it was worth it.

“Everyone can laugh about it now,” Vorobyov said. “I think that’s what life is about, just following your heart.”

A Mall of America Spokesperson said this is the first time anyone has ever thrown cash like that at the mall. They said Vorobyov disrupted the performance and could have caused a serious situation.

Serge said he never meant to hurt anyone.