A Richmond radio icon passes away

Posted at 11:55 PM, Nov 30, 2013

PETERSBURG, Va. (WTVR) - It is a reunion of Richmond radio past and present, but one big booming voice is noticeably missing.

Family and friends gathered to say 'goodbye' to a local broadcasting icon on Saturday.

The popular KISS FM DJ passed away Monday of natural causes stunning those who knew him.

Colleagues say Mitch's passing leaves a gaping hole in the airwaves.

"Mitch Malone meant to me more than just a broadcaster and more than just a voice," his friend Kirby Carmichael said.

"Mitch was bigger than life," Antoinette Essa said.  "His voice was even bigger. He had a gentle soul. So I guess you could Mitch the giant with the voice."

Hundreds of loved ones packed Gillfield Baptist Church in his hometown of Petersburg Saturday afternoon for a celebration of life.

Born James D. Mitchell - the VSU grad hosted his popular "Quiet Storm" broadcast weekday evenings, where legions of his listeners were serenaded by his trademark velvety voice.

"Being an announcer myself, I always used to tease him about it let me borrow some of that bass," Malone's friend "Chocolate Chip" said.  "Let me have some of that. I always teased him about it because I always liked that."

Mourners said while he was the consummate professional on-air, he was an even better person off-air.

One person described him as "loving and compassionate."

Friends, colleagues and mentors of Malone said nighttime radio in the River City will never be the same.

"You'll turn on the radio and anticipate you'll hear Mitch Malone, but he won't be one the radio," one mourner said. "He'll be on that radio in the sky."

Mitch Malone was 57 years old.  He is survived by his only child, a daughter named Brittnay.  He will be buried at Wilkerson Memorial Cemetery.