Living Social sends note to merchants on day two of crash

Posted at 7:19 PM, Nov 13, 2013

Living Social, a company that specializes in deals, has been shut down since Tuesday afternoon. The already struggling company, based out of Washington D.C., went down Tuesday and announced on its website that the malfunction was due to an internal error.

Then on Wednesday, on the company’s blog, another post announced that they had isolated the error and were working nonstop to ensure it never happened again.

With both the website and mobile spot down, no deals could be purchased or redeemed, which has affected merchants and customers alike.

The company’s language indicated that they were not hacked, and they emphasized that nothing indicates “any consumer or merchant data, or financial information has been compromised.”

“We can let you know now that it is the result of an internal issue, and there is nothing to indicate that this was the result of any external factors,” the post read.

livingsocial1A letter was distributed to merchants explaining the problem and noting that promotions were not available to purchase because of the service interruption. Additionally, merchants cannot redeem customer vouchers in the Merchant Center.

“To ensure we’re maintaining our commitment to connect your business with our high-quality customers, your promotion will be live on our site for an additional three days,” the letter read.

Merchants were encouraged to honor existing vouchers, record the voucher number and redeem it in the Merchant Center after service has been restored.

Merchants were asked to contact representatives with questions at 877-556-4078.

Customers – please contact our customer service department directly at 877-521-4191 with any questions.

Will Oremus,of Slate, seized the company’s current tech failure as an opportunity to berate their overall business strategies, suggesting Living Social take their flawed model and pull the plug.