VIDEO: 93-year-old honors wife’s dying wish — and jumps out of plane

Posted at 7:00 PM, Nov 12, 2013

WIMBORNE, England (CBS News) -- A British man who lost his wife a few months ago is putting aside his own health challenges to take a massive leap for love.

Walking with two canes, 93-year-old Jack Hake is fulfilled a deathbed promise to his late wife, Victoria. Before she died from a debilitating nerve disease, Hake agreed to raise money for new medical equipment for her doctor and nurses.

“I said, "What about a parachute jump?’ And she said, ‘Oh that would be nice,’” Hake said.

Additionally, he promised to take his wife’s ashes along for the ride and even brought them along to skydiving orientation.

The partially blind retiree struggled in class sprawled on top of a table as he was instructed to keep his legs up and arms stretched all the way out to mimic free fall.

“I can do this one, but I've got osteoporosis,” the feisty senior citizen said. “I shouldn't say it, but I’m deaf and I couldn't hear a thing.”

Hake, who has had triple bypass surgery, and who has weak bones, said he isn't afraid to jump from 10,000 feet.

Hake and his tandem skydive instructor were all "thumbs up" before jumping from the plane.

“Whether the parachute opens or not, it's in the hands of the above,” he said.

The parachute did open, Hake landed safely and made good on his promise of raising more than a thousand dollars.

“I don't what what the fuss is. I would do it again tomorrow,” he said.

And he just might. In fact, Hake said he plans to do a charity "Sky Walk,"  strapping himself to the top of a propeller plane, in June.

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