Veterans face new battle in finding work

Posted at 7:01 PM, Nov 11, 2013

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va (WTVR)--When you ask some veteran's about Veteran's Day, they often will say it's a day they take to re-connect with old friends from their military days.

Others say it's a time for them to remember those who served and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, like Nancy Bosher who served four years in the US Navy.

"It's nice to take a day to signify and really remember those that have served," she said.

Bosher's husband served 10 years in the Navy before getting out in 2010.

But with more veteran's now home from the war, many are finding it hard to find work. Others say they run into problems trying to get help from the government.

"With the economy the way it is, you know it's not only tough for veterans to find jobs but anybody really," Kim Shifflett said, who did two tours in Iraq with the Army.

Shifflett says she was in the process, like other veterans, of signing up for school but the government shut down canceled her plans.

"People talk about the services that are available but nobody really knows where to go," Shifflet said. "The VA offers assistance of course but it's not quite the assistance that you would think it would be."

"I think more veterans have better luck just reaching out to other veterans," she said.