Two fake gun incidents scare at Dinwiddie school have parents upset

Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-11-07 18:46:59-05

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va (WTVR)--Parents are upset that they weren't notified of two fake gun scares at Dinwiddie High School.

Parents in Dinwiddie County tell CBS 6 they learned about one of two gun scares through Facebook, and they're not happy.

"I'm disappointed, I really am. I would like to know what's going on," parent Angela Scarberry said.

The most recent incident, last Wednesday, involved a student picking up a prop gun from the school theater, placing it in his waistband and walking up to a teacher.

Thursday morning, school administrators were back at the high school, re-investigating the incident. A few weeks before that, a air soft gun, which fires plastic pellets, was confiscated from a student.

Neither time did the high school or school officials alert parents.

"I would actually like them to send stuff home just to let us know, what's going on," parent Mellissa Spain said.

Administrators said there are strict guidelines concerning what information they can release, but some parents said the process needs to be more transparent and some school board members agree. Parents just want a letter, they said.

School Administrators said student and teacher safety remain their top priority.

"We certainly need to send out texts or information or put things on our website or get letters out to parents. We need to do whatever it is, that will make parents feel comfortable and keeping them informed about things that happen," School Board member Barbara Pittman said.

One big issue parents say they have, is learning of incidents like these on Facebook and not only getting mis-information, but often rumors as well.

"If something happens and they don't tell me, then I would say, they would be in a lot of trouble," parent Angela Scarberry said.

Right now there is no word what actions the two teens face.