Governor McDonnell responds to election results

Posted at 10:51 PM, Nov 05, 2013

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) — Governor Bob McDonnell has issued a statement regarding the election of Terry McAuliffe as the 72nd governor of Virginia.

“I want to congratulate Terry McAuliffe on his election as the next governor of Virginia. There is no higher honor than serving in the same office once held by Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Virginia is a Commonwealth of tremendous history and opportunity; this is the place where America began. The privilege of serving as governor carries with it immense responsibility, and I know Terry McAuliffe will act in the best interests of the more than 8 million people who call Virginia home.

“Elections are long, tough, hard-fought affairs. But they have an end date. For the 2013 campaign, that date is today. Now, the signs, stickers and ads must be put away. In their place must come comity, cooperation and a commitment to working together, across party lines, to continue to improve the quality of life of all Virginians. That’s what we’ve tried to do over the last four years.

“Virginia has been named “America’s Best State for Business.” Our unemployment rate is the lowest in the Southeast, and the third-lowest east of the Mississippi River. Our colleges are more affordable and accessible. Our state pension system has been fixed. Our K-12 system is innovative and productive. Our transportation system finally has the long-term, sustainable funding and reforms it has long needed. We’ve posted four-straight budget surpluses, held the line on general fund spending and our Rainy Day Fund will soon grow to over $1 billion. This is the direct result of bipartisan cooperation in the service of making life better for the people of Virginia and getting results. I’m confident that Governor-elect McAuliffe will continue this great progress.

“Four years ago the people of Virginia honored me with their votes and this office. I can never thank my fellow Virginians enough for the trust they placed in me. Immediately after winning, then-Governor Tim Kaine reached out personally and offered the full assistance of his administration in our transition. The Kaine administration could not have been more helpful in the two months that followed. They made the transition as seamless and smooth as it possibly could have been. Now, we look forward to doing the same for Governor-elect McAuliffe and his team. I have already spoken to the Governor-elect and let him know that we are ready to assist with the transition and prepared to offer all the help his team will need as they prepare to lead our great Commonwealth forward for the next four years.

“Election nights are emotional times. For the winner there is the thrill of victory, combined with the recognition that the hard work preceding this moment is but a prelude to the tremendous effort yet to come. For those who fall short, there is the sadness of seeing such exertion, passion and time not produce the hoped-for result. With that in mind, I wish my friend Ken Cuccinelli the very best as he moves forward from tonight. I hope Ken will continue to stay involved in the public life of our state, and I thank him for serving our administration well as attorney general, and giving his all to public service and the campaign. I also congratulate Mr. Sarvis for running, with limited resources, a good and strong campaign.

“Again I congratulate Governor-elect McAuliffe, and I pledge to work in partnership over the next two months to ensure a smooth transition of power that is in keeping with the grand history of our beloved Commonwealth, and that best prepares the Governor-elect and his team for their public service over the next four years.”