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Williamsburg soldier watches pregnant wife stabbed, on video chat

Posted at 6:29 PM, Nov 04, 2013

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. –East of Richmond in Williamsburg, a grandfather and his church family are praying for a Texas woman’s speedy recovery.

Randolph Conner’s grandson Justin Poole had to rush back from an overseas assignment after watching his pregnant wife get stabbed, attacked while the two were video-chatting on FaceTime.

According to police, 19-year-old Corey Bernard Moss, a Fort Bliss soldier, went to the  home of 31-year-old Rachel Poole Wednesday to confront her about money owed to him. Rachel is nine months pregnant.

Police say Rachel Poole wasn’t home, so Moss broke in through her back door and waited for her to come home. When Rachel came home, she walked into the kitchen and starting face-timing on the phone with her husband, Justin Poole, who is currently deployed overseas.

Police say that’s when Moss attacked her from behind with a knife. Rachel immediately recognized her attacker, and began screaming his name to her husband over the phone, who police say could hear everything that was happening. Moss continued to beat and stab Rachel until he finally fled the scene.

Rachel was able to call 911 and told officers her attacker’s name. Moss was later found with the knife and arrested after admitting to the attack.

Rachel Poole suffered several stab wounds and bone fractures and was last listed in critical condition in need of surgery. Police say her baby is in good condition.

Fortunately the memorable delivery of baby Isabella helped raise the spirits of the Poole family from Williamsburg; it just wasn't the way they had envisioned it.

"We have an amazingly strong daughter who is gorgeous,” Rachel Poole told our affiliate WTKR as she recovered in a hospital room.  “It means the world just to see her and know that she will be fine."

And a lot of prayers are being sent from Justin's hometown in Williamsburg.

"When I got the word, it just tears your heart out,” said Reverend Reginald Davis, the lead pastor at Justin’s grandfather’s church.  He says the congregation will support Poole’s family in every way they can.

"We will hold this family up  and be there for this family during this tragedy,” said Davis.  “These are some dire and dangerous times in which we live."

Police say Moss, a soldier-in-training at Fort Bliss, told investigators the Pooles owed him money for vehicle repairs.  Davis says he talks about such tragic situations like in his recently released book.

"We have moved away from morality and a sense of community in this culture, and until we come to understand that god is in control, we will continue to experience tragedies like this now and in the near future," said Davis.

Moss has been charged with attempted capital murder.

Randolph Conner tells me his grandson is back in Texas on emergency leave to be by his wife and daughter’s side.