Man bashes Disney in ‘secret’ movie filmed inside theme park

Posted at 1:19 PM, Oct 29, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-29 13:23:16-04

(CNN) - The new film "Escape from Tomorrow" is about a family's Disney World vacation that takes a dark turn. The movie was made at Disney theme parks without the company's knowledge.

First-time director Randy Moore turned Disney into a black and white nightmare in the story about a man who comes unglued on a family vacation.

Moore made the movie inside Disney World and Disneyland over a period of weeks - without Disney ever catching on.

"There was high anxiety the entire time while we were making this film. I lost a ton of weight," Moore said.  He said he avoided detection by using a camera that resembled one a tourist might use.

"It was when I learned about the Canon 5D Mark II camera that I realized this is possible. I can make this film and it look like a real film," he said.

Moore said he is not out to promote Canon. He is not praising Disney either.

"The movie is about our obsession with artificial worlds of manufactured happiness," he said. "That you know people save their whole year's salary to come and basically pay other people to smile and make them happy."

So far Disney has not taken action against Moore. When asked for comment about the movie, Disney told CNN "we are aware of the film."