VIDEO: Toddler’s cool costume goes viral

Posted at 6:22 PM, Oct 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-27 13:16:03-04

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KCAL) – A creative father in California has created a special homemade Halloween costume for his toddler daughter.

Zoey Hutain’s parents took her out for a test run of her very own light stick figure costume on a pre-trick or treat test this week.

She danced on the sand and practiced her spookiest moves on the Huntington Beach pier.

Zoey's custom costume turned heads.

"You could barely see the body from way back there," said one beachgoer.

One man said he thought the eerie vision was a robot at first, but then realized it was a child.

"It looks like a glow-stick stick figure,” said another man who spotted Zoey on the beach. “That's what I thought it was… like somebody created a new toy."

Zoey's dad, Royce Hutain, made her costume out of LED lights and velcro. He posted a video on YouTube of Zoey running in her spooky stick man costume. Within a day, the video had over 180,000 hits.

And this isn't Zoey's first time on YouTube. Earlier this year, the almost 2-year-old let loose to Britney Spears.

After that viral success, her dad concocted a plan. He already made stickman suits for his snowboarder buddies, so why not put one on his boogying baby?

Now, hundreds are asking him to sell the costumes.

"I don't have time to try to make money off of these things, but it would be great just to show other people how to make them and I'd love to see other videos of other people doing it," said Hutain.