Dad has priceless reaction to son passing math

Posted at 3:20 PM, Oct 23, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-23 14:20:49-04

NOTTINGHAM, England (KDVR) — Most kids are usually confident their parents will be proud of them when they bring home stellar report cards. But they probably don’t see reactions like this everyday.

A student in England set up a hidden camera to capture his father’s reaction when he told him that he was passing math.

The kid, who goes by @ariamark on Twitter, posted that he was failing math a year ago and struggles academically, but managed to show his dad and teachers that he could pass the class.

Along with the video he posted on YouTube, the student wrote:

“The day I passed math. Hey there everyone the man in the video is my dad :)

I year before this video I was at a grade F in math and in England you need a C (pass) to basically do anything with your life, I’ve never been amazing academically and have struggled through out school , neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C , I know some of you might be saying , well an c is nothing but for me it was hard to get. Please enjoy the video.”