DREAM DIET: Man loses weight drinking beer, eating sausage

Posted at 10:58 AM, Oct 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-16 10:58:14-04

(KSAZ) – An Arizona man is shedding pounds by doing what most guys dream of – by eating and drinking beer and sausage.

Evo Terro has been celebrating Oktoberfest, for the entire month, consuming only sausage and drinking up to six beers a day. That’s a total of about 15,000 calories a week.

Terra decided to survive on the unusual diet three years ago. Last year he lost 14 pounds.

His doctor is keeping a watchful eye on Terra’s progress to make sure his October diet isn’t compromising his health.

“We do the labs to make sure your liver is doing fine, your lipids aren’t out of wack and your cholesterol is fine, blood chemistries are fine and I thought that was good supervision. We knew if something bad happened we would just shut it down,” weight loss doctor Dr. Terry Simpson said.
“He blew everything out of the water, the first year he did this, he lost 14 pounds. Most of it was body fat. His cholesterol went down by a third.”

With the beer consumption, Evo Terra isn’t getting behind the wheel to drive. He relies on his son to move him around town.