Pair arrested for armed robberies near VCU

Posted at 7:02 PM, Oct 10, 2013
and last updated 2013-10-10 19:04:24-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- Richmond and VCU police have tracked down two men charged with nearly a half a dozen armed robberies from the Randolph neighborhood to the Fan district last week.

Detectives said the suspects are accused of targeting people on the street at gunpoint over a two-day period.

According to police, two of the robberies happened just before midnight Saturday along Colorado Avenue. Officers spotted the suspects a short time later.

"Just an easy night for people to be out and about," Richmond Police Detective Charles Hayes said. "And I think the suspect took advantage of that while people were out and about walking back from restaurants going to houses and what have you.”

On Sunday, police said the thieves struck again near VCU's main campus.

"You assume that at VCU in the city that you'd be protected here," said student Andrew Frawley. I guess sometimes that's not the way it is. But we still feel protected on the campus,”

But Andrew Frawley and his college buddy are relieved after learning that the same men are behind several other robberies, including one that involved a VCU student.

"We've had a lot of things go on on the campus. So, I'm happy to see that it's finally being worked out,” said Frawley.

CBS 6 News investigated the criminal past of Leonard Bullock, one of the suspects charged in connection with the robberies.

In 2010, Bullock was found guilty on Marijuana Possession with intent to distribute. He was sentenced to 3 years. But court documents show the judge suspended all but two months. If that had not happen, Bullock could have still been behind bars for the new crimes.

Detectives credited the community's help in capturing the suspects.

"It's peaceful over here. We neighbors do try and look out for one another. So, I'm just telling the bad guys, watch out because somebody's looking,” said Deborah Willis.