Here’s a list of amazing things that iOS 7 Siri can do

Posted at 6:59 PM, Sep 30, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-30 19:01:51-04

siri1 One of the most frequently asked questions posed to the newsroom has to do with what planes are flying overhead, and why.

Well did you know that Siri might be able to help answer that question?

The improvements to Siri that came with a iOS 7 upgrade has made the software even more helpful (according to Wikipedia, the name is shorthand for “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface.”)

sir2While many of iPhone users have been discussing the graphics and motion change, along with new features, Reddit user Cheezis_Crust started a thread about the everything users can now ask Siri.

siri4The compilation includes practical demands and questions, like when will the sunset, text a friend, or get directions based on contacts. Some of the things included have already been available, but the list shows the extent of how exactly you can put Siri to work.

You can find out exactly what planes are flying overhead, request an email search or specific sports scores, inquire to pull up a movie trailer and so much more.

siri3Siri can now be used to find out how many calories a food item contains, and will return a response that includes its percentage of recommended daily allowance.

Reddit thread.