Good turnout at Bike Walk RVA forum

Posted at 2:33 PM, Sep 27, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-27 14:33:54-04

The city of Richmond is working to become a more bike friendly city.

A large crowd attended a forum at the Science Museum of Virginia Thursday night to talk about creating safe areas and lanes for bicyclists to ride.

Bike Walk RVA is an event coordinated by Sports Backers' and the city of Richmond is to help support bike and pedestrian friendly policies, programs and infrastructure projects.

“I think that providing for bikes in Richmond is really key to making this a competitive city, in a competitive region, especially for younger folks,” Andrew Moore said.

“So, I think that some of the things that need to be done,  is a more dedicated bike infrastructure. So, cycle tracks, places where bikes can ride without fear of getting hit by a car," Moore added.

In June more than 50 city and community leaders traveled to Washington, D.C. in an effort to make Richmond a more bike-friendly city.

The group said D.C. and Arlington are years ahead of Richmond when it comes to creating bike friendly streets -- and allowing bikers and drivers to exist together safely. The trip's goal was to bring back ideas on how they can carry out similar programs in Richmond.

Sports Backers plans to continue working with area leaders and public works staff to fund and install bike lanes, trails and sidewalks.

Additionally, the agency's website said it is documenting and evaluating the status of all bike lanes and trails (paved and dirt) in the region.

On the road ahead, according to their website, the agency is working with the City of Richmond on the development and implementation of a Bicycle Master Plan. They are also helping with the Floyd Avenue Bicycle Boulevard project in The Fan district of Richmond.

And also important is their continued collaboration with Chesterfield and Henrico County to make these suburban areas more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

Ways to get involved:

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For more information and additional ways to get involved, including volunteer opportunities, contact Max Hepp-Buchanan, Director of Bike Walk RVA.