5 must-watch new TV dramas of the fall

Posted at 10:50 AM, Sep 17, 2013
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(Access Hollywood) — A surrendering criminal mastermind, a murderous plot against the President, un-super heroes saving the world, a young queen tip-toeing into a perilous love triangle and a machine gun toting headless horseman!

Plots thicken and heads will roll as a host of brand new dramas premiere across network television, beginning Monday night.

It’s time to tune in and check out these Five Must-Watch new dramas of the fall 2013 TV season:

“Hostages” — Premieres: Monday, September 23 at 10/9c on CBS

What’s It All About? It’s Toni Collette versus Dylan McDermott in a battle for family or country. Dylan’s FBI Agent Duncan Carlisle and his team infiltrate the home of Toni’s Dr. Ellen Sanders, turning her family — including husband Brian (Tate Donovan) and their teen children — into hostages. The ransom? He wants her to discreetly kill the President during a routine surgery she’s set to perform. Part political conspiracy, part family crisis, “Hostages” is set up as an intelligent thriller.

But That’s Not All: This isn’t your typical CBS procedural. Without spoiling anything in the season premiere of this Jerry Bruckheimer show, prepare for shocks and twists more akin to cable.

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“Sleepy Hollow” — Premieres: Monday, September 16 at 9/8c on Fox

What’s It All About? Revolutionary War turncoat Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) wakes up more than 200 years after his battlefield death (for Team America — his conscience forced him to swap sides) to find the times may have changed, but his opponent — the very man he killed in battle (and beheaded) — hasn’t. He too is back and causing trouble of epic proportions — sans head. Along for the adventure in world-saving heroism is Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), who’s had a few mystical experiences of her own. The plot may sound a little out there, but when it comes together for the premiere episode, “Sleepy Hollow” ends up deliciously spooky fun.
But That’s Not All: Producers on the show (who’ve worked on “Alias,” “Fringe,” the upcoming “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and the “Underworld” film franchise) have borrowed a promo line from “Game of Thrones” — telling critics, “No one is safe!”

“The Blacklist” — Premieres: Monday, September 23 at 10/9c on NBC

What’s It All About? One of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives — Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) — turns himself in and offers to help the agency take down the world’s most dangerous, aka the blacklist. But there’s one caveat — this seemingly unflappable criminal mastermind will only speak with rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) – an agent so fresh-faced she can’t even make it to Day 1 of her new job on time.

Action (explosions, car flips), intrigue (the connection between Red and Lizzie) and some dark twists set this show up as a compelling, must-watch new drama.
But That’s Not All: More firepower on the FBI side comes from “Homeland’s” Diego Klattenhoff (agent Donald Ressler).

Harry Lennix’s FBI head Harry Cooper surprises as a boss who actually seems willing to work with Red’s demands and the newbie agent, instead of causing trouble with pompous posturing and red tape. “90210” alum Ryan Eggold plays Tom Keen, Lizzie’s seemingly sweet and supportive husband.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” — Premiere: Tuesday, September 24 at 8/7c on ABC

What’s It All About? Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) somehow survived his death in “The Avengers” film and is back to lead a team of humans without super abilities.

There’s a sexy computer hacker named Skye (Chloe Bennett from “Nashville”) and the equally hot Agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton), who provides the muscle.

Ming-Na Wen is pilot and martial arts expert Melinda May, while Fitz-Simmons is the moniker for adorable science and computer expert team of Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). No scrimping here – this show looks to be adventurous, epic television.

But That’s Not All: Bring on the mystery! Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders, who cameos) drops a few lines in the pilot that suggest there’s a mysterious explanation for why Agent Coulson is back.

“Reign” — Premieres: Thursday, October 17 at 9/8c on The CW

What’s It All About? “Teen Wolf’s” Adelaide Kane takes an enchanting turn as the young Mary Queen of Scots in The CW’s “Reign.” Saved from an English assassination attempt, Mary is ushered out of 1550s witness protection (translation: a nunnery) and into French court for safety and to continue her engagement with France’s Prince Francis (blue-eyed charmer Toby Regbo). Dreaming of a perfect romance, she quickly encounters a blemished royal reality around the same time she finds herself drawn to Francis’ dashing, illegitimate, older brother Sebastian aka “Bash” (“The Tudors’” Torrance Coombs).

Add to that one dangerous, potential future mother-in-law — Catherine de’ Medici (Megan Follows) – who is in cahoots with a hunky young Nostradamus (Rossif Sutherland) to get rid of the young queen. Who cares if it’s historically accurate or not? This is The CW and this show rules!

But That’s Not All: Mary has four fabulous ladies in waiting — idealistic Lola (“The Chronicles of Narnia’s” Anna Popplewell), pragmatic Aylee (Jenessa Grant), flirtatious Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) and ambitious Greer (Celina Sinden) — and a supernatural mystery to unravel.

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