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New Mexico floods: Hundreds evacuated, governor declares emergency

Posted at 12:05 AM, Sep 14, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-14 00:05:52-04

(CNN) — More rain was on the way after flooding forced hundreds of people in New Mexico to evacuate, prompting Gov. Susana Martinez to declare an emergency Friday.

Martinez’ declaration said evacuations by air and ground had taken place in Eddy County in southeastern New Mexico, Sierra County in the southwest part of the state and San Miguel County in the northeast.

Her order provided funds for state emergency officials to assist local authorities and directed the National Guard to respond as needed.

Fifty people were moved to an American Red Cross Center at the high school in Las Vegas in northeast New Mexico, said Esteban Lujan, public information officer of the state Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

In Truth or Consequences, some bridges and roads were washed out and about 20 people evacuated, Lujan said.

The National Weather Service said the threat of flooding will continue through the weekend.