Parent frustrated over last minute Boys and Girls Club change

Posted at 11:36 PM, Sep 06, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-06 23:36:28-04

HOPEWELL, Va. (WTVR) - A letter sent home from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond has some Hopewell parents scrambling to find alternative childcare.

The letter, dating August 28, says that the current Boys and Girls of Metro Richmond - Hopewell Club will be relocating to Harry E. James Elementary School from the current location at Mallonee Gymnasium.

It also stated that with the new location change; the organization will only be able to accept students who go to Harry E. James starting September 16 because of an ongoing decline in government support, which affects the Hopewell location.

Heather Thornton, a parent at another elementary school told CBS 6 although the letter was dated on August 28, it wasn't post marked until August 30. She said she didn't actually receive the letter notifying her of the changes until the Saturday before her daughter was to start school.

"This is no notification whatsoever, I got blind sighted, " said Thornton.

Thornton had already been planning on having her daughter go to the Mallonee Gymnasium after school on Tuesday, but said since her daughter isn't a student there, she would have to find different after school plans.

"My dad is willing to help me out, but I feel bad for people who don't have anybody," she said.

CBS 6 contacted the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond. CEO, Todd McFarlane said he understands that parents are inconvenienced and frustrated. But, he said because of budget constraints and lack of government funding, the organization could not continue the operate the same at the Hopewell location.

McFarlane said the organization had been working with Hopewell Public Schools as quickly as possible, but had to take all the necessary steps to make sure the agreement and location was determined.

McFarlane also said the location at Mallonee Gymnasium wasn't the right fit for the operation, and Hopewell Schools picked a new location. He said it was then the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond that made the decision to only accept Harry E. James Elementary Students.