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VIDEO: Woman wrecks cell phone store, moons clerk over return policy

Posted at 12:42 PM, Sep 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-04 12:42:50-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) -- A Detroit woman threw a fit last week in a cell phone store after a clerk refused to give her a refund – and the meltdown was caught on camera.

“Let them know you took my son's $200,” screamed Stephanie, who was furious over the store’s refund policy.

The shouting got so intense that the clerk pulled out a smartphone and started filming the exchange. It all started because the woman’s son bought a cell phone more than two weeks ago -- and wanted a refund.

The clerk, who wished to remain anonymous, said the pair came in a week ago and that he explained the return policy, which was printed on the bottom of the receipt.

The clerk who shot the footage said after trying to explain to the irate mother that her son's date of purchase exceeded the store's seven-day refund policy, the woman wasn't taking no for an answer.

In addition to knocking down signs and cursing up a storm, the clerk said she used a knife to damage display cases and things took a strange turn as the customer addressed the clerk's camera.

“Take my picture,” the woman yells and she pulls up her skirt and moons the clerk. “You got that? Because I will be back. You got that close up? Cheese!”

The woman told WXYZ that her actions were justifiable because her money was "up in the air” and she wasn't able to get a refund or another phone. Holding the cell phone she was trying to return, Stephanie said the store sold her son an outdated, damaged phone.

However, the clerk said what she did was unacceptable and that the store is pursuing charges.

“There is no excuse for anyone to walk into anybody's business and do that,” the clerk said.