HOLMBERG: Morrissey has been knocked down, but never knocked out

Posted at 11:41 PM, Aug 30, 2013

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – CBS 6 News has been following a police investigation involving state delegate Joe Morrissey for an alleged incident involving a teenage girl.

Some call him Fightin’ Joe, stemming from his 1991 arrest and jail term for a little courthouse fist fight with defense attorney and cool dude David Baugh, and his 1999  beatdown of a contractor that earned him an assault conviction and half-million dollar civil penalty.

But perhaps  the better word is feisty. This guy positively sizzles in everything he does.

Some people have a restless leg syndrome. Joe’s got it all over.

Which is why he frequently bubbles up in the news – either by him jumping into the limelight, or something illegal or boneheaded he’s done.

Only Joe would whip out an AK-47 on the floor of the General Assembly building – with his thumb on the trigger - to make a point about the need for gun control.

Point taken, Joe!

There’s no camera shot he won’t face with a big smile.

Even after being disbarred, embarrassed, arrested, convicted, fined, sued and slapped around, he managed to squeak out a victory in a five way race for his house of Delegates seat six years ago.

And even though 62 percent of the people voted against him, Joe walked into the Capitol like a straight-up champion.

He’s in a class all by himself. And that’s a good thing, because he’s radioactive.

Now, of course, he’s being investigated by Henrico authorities for a nighttime home visit by a 17-year –old girl who has worked with Joe. The girl’s father called the cops. The girl’s mother says Joe’s a straight-up gentleman.

Henrico prosecutor Shannon Taylor tells me she’s not recusing her office at this point. Another prosecutor in her office is handling the case for now. But she’s not ruling out the possibility of passing the case to another jurisdiction.

Because Joe, a fellow democrat, donated to Taylor’s campaign and helped her celebrate her victory.

Taylor doesn’t want to be burned by being too close to this radioactive character. And I’m sure Morrissey would want the cleanest appearance of impartiality if his political career is going to survive yet another beating.

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