Cuccinelli camp’s statement on latest poll numbers

Posted at 9:30 AM, Aug 21, 2013

“Terry McAuliffe and his liberal allies have spent millions of dollars on attack ads that have been found to be false by a number of third-party fact-check organizations. Despite the barrage of negative attacks, the race for governor is extremely close and will remain as such. Going into the fall in an off-year election, when voters focus to a greater degree on the gubernatorial contest, the dishonest comments McAuliffe has perpetuated about his background and business record will be front and center, as will the two federal investigations involving his former car company. At the end of the day, Ken Cuccinelli’s positive vision and substantive plans for Virginia’s future, compared to Terry McAuliffe’s flawed record as a failed job creator and political influence peddler, will carry the attorney general to victory.” – Anna Nix, Press Secretary for Cuccinelli for Governor.

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