Shuttered: Bus company that stranded passengers in Caroline

Posted at 12:50 PM, Aug 19, 2013

STATEN ISLAND, New York (WTVR) -- Federal investigators with the Motor Carrier's Safety Administration shut down a bus company that recently stranded passengers in Caroline County.

In July, a bus with All Nations Coach broke down at a gas station off exit 104 on interstate 95.  Passengers were stranded in Virginia for nearly 24 hours before another bus came to pick them up.  They eventually made it to their destination in New York City.

Last week, the Federal Motor Carrier's Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced they have revoked the company's operating license.

Investigators with the FMCSA said they discovered evidence that All Nations Coach was actually a reincarnation of Tichy Express, a company the feds had already shuttered for safety violations.

Investigators said All Nations Coach is made of up of vehicles, employees, and managers from Tichy Express.  Find a link to the full report here.

The owner of All Nations Coach told CBS 6 reporter Jake Burns over the phone that they plan on appealing the feds order to shut down.

Local consumer advocates said this story is a cautionary tale for people who might purchase bus tickets.  They said it is imperative to do a little research before buying a ticket.

"[You] want to make sure this company has a good reputation within the industry," said Tom Gallagher with the Richmond office of the Better Business Bureau.  "The American Bus Association has great information they can share with you.  You're talking about a lot of money; you're talking about spending a lot of money."

For best practices when chartering a bus, visit the American Bus Association's website.