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Police accidentally e-mail blast weight, bra sizes of female officers

Posted at 7:29 AM, Aug 14, 2013

(CNN) -- There are certain questions you just don't ask women. Heaven help you if you share that information.Imagine the reaction after a commander with the Detroit Police Department accidentally sent out an e-mail listing not only the weight of about 20 female officers, but also their bra sizes. The measurements were taken when the officers were fitted for bullet proof vests.

The weight and chest measurement of male officers were also included in the e-mail.

"This was not done maliciously. It was clerical error," Assistant Chief James White told CNN affiliate WDIV on Tuesday. "It is not the practice of the police department to share sensitive information."

One female officer filed a grievance while another is looking at the possibility of filing a lawsuit, WDIV reported. Police Chief James Craig and White will meet with union leaders and the officers affected Thursday to offer an apology.

The e-mail was sent within the department.

"It is an isolated incident and an unfortunate and embarrassing incident, and we are putting prevision in place to ensure that doesn't happen again," White said.

A similar incident happened two years ago in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. An e-mail memo exposed the weight and bra sizes of 13 female officers.

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