Richmond gets a nod for ‘Best street art in the world’

Posted at 4:19 PM, Aug 02, 2013
and last updated 2015-09-10 18:25:57-04

RICHMOND, Va. --With all the brilliant street art adorning Richmond walls, it’s really no wonder that the River City wound up with a nod from Buzzfeed as a host of the best street art in the world; pretty much they're now hip to what a small minority of local voices have been lauding for awhile.

A sleepy and slightly angry panda bear on West Cary Street. A vampire cringing in the light on Madison Street just off Broad downtown.A slightly clad young woman sitting in strawberries above the 7-Eleven at Main and Harrison and a bewitching tiger woman casting magic down on Main Street.

All this and more coming to life as internationally known muralists from around the world converge on Richmond to paint the town red -- and many other colors -- for the Richmond Mural Project. It's a yearly event with the goal of creating over 100 murals by world renown talent in the first five years alone.

In 2012, we saw 23 new murals added to the cityscape. Over the following three years, there were over 60 more added. In 2016, the project will wrap, leaving the city walls transformed.

Photo courtesy Street Art News

Photo courtesy Street Art News

The mural mentioned by Buzzfeed was painted by Sainer and Bezt of Etam Cru. You can find it at 1101 W. Grace Street, near the 7-11.

It’s a fitting place for the mural because as long as anyone can remember a piece has always been up on the back side of the Village Café—commissioned or not--that faces the lady in a jam jar.

The Buzzfeed article seems more about the artists than it does the places, but they’re tied together all the same.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to see the website Street Art News encouraging people to go check it out. One intent behind the Art Whino project is to make Richmond a destination and they certainly are doing their part to keep our city on the map.

For more information, click here to visit the Art Whino website.

Here's a map to the 2015 murals, with pictures:

The 2014 murals are located HERE. 

The 2013 murals are located here:

534 N Harrison St (Completed)

2416 W Cary St Side 1 (Completed)

2907 W. Cary St (Completed)

2 N Rowland St (Completed)

2929 West Cary Street (7/23-7/29)
(Inside Back Patio of "Dont Look Back")
Kelly Towles

300 West Broad St (7/22-7/25)
Stormie Mills

825 West Cary St (7/25-7/26)
Angry Woebots

821 West Cary St (7/23-7/28)
Greg Mike

2416 W Cary St Side 2 (7/23-7/27)
Angry Woebots

14 S 15th St (7/23-7/29)
Andrew Hem

2103 west Main St (7/23-7/29)
Natalia Rak

807 Oliver Hill Way (7/28-8/1)
Angry Woebots

535 N 2nd St (7/27-8/1)

1011 W Grace St (7/23-7/29)
Etam Cru

2600 W Main St Side 2 (7/29-8/1)
Greg Mike 

3336 N Blvd (7/29-7/31)
Stormie Mills

205 east Marshall street (7/23-7/26)

203 N. Lombardy St (7/26-7/28)
Stormie Mills

2232 W Main St

2001 1/2 W Main St

101 W Marshall St

To see the 23 addresses of the 2012 murals click here: