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WATCH: Arkansas inmate’s brazen escape caught on video

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jul 31, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-31 11:58:29-04

By Ed Payne and David Mattingly, CNN

(CNN) -- Gone in 60 seconds? That would be generous.

A manhunt is on for an inmate who made a bold escape in Garland County, Arkansas.

Alarming surveillance video shows just how easily he was able to literally slither past prison guards and break free.

Derrick Estell bolted through a 12-by-30-inch reception window at the detention center while another prisoner distracted the deputies guarding him. He was there talking on an inmate phone.

Estell ran out the front of the jail with a deputy in hot pursuit. He jumped into a waiting car and was gone.

Authorities found that getaway car abandoned just a few minutes away.

"Currently we are investigating, several, several leads that we have received," said Deputy Scott Hinojosa.

Already under arrest is William Harding, who is suspected of distracting the guards and providing the getaway car. He was visiting the jail at the time of the escape.

The suspected driver of the getaway car is Tamara Upshaw. In June, she was brought in for skipping bond on a theft charge.

Estell has a lengthy rap sheet, which includes charges of aggravated robbery, breaking and entering and burglary among others.

A list that's sure to grow after his escape in broad daylight.