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Killer bees kill horses

Posted at 7:37 AM, Jul 29, 2013

PANTEGO, Texas (KTVT) – A Texas woman was in her backyard with her two horses when a huge swarm of bees attacked. Kristen Beauregard said she cannot get the awful images out of her mind. She said she had just finished exercising her two horses, when all of a sudden – what looked like a dark cloud of bees attacked.

"It was just black out here, it looked like nighttime out here," Beauregard said.

Beauregard and her one-year-old Shetland pony jumped into the swimming pool, but it was not enough.

"I watched that horse who trusted me to always, always take care of him and I watched him look up at me in so much pain and thrash around and look at me like - why aren't you fixing this?" Beauregard recalled.

Both the pony and a six-year-old miniature show horse died after suffering from thousands of bee stings.