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Teen shoots video of man exposing himself on bus

Posted at 1:06 PM, Jul 24, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-24 13:06:29-04

SEATTLE (WTVR) -- A teenage girl managed to take cell phone video of a man after he exposed himself to her on a Seattle bus and asked her if he could borrow some lotion.

KOMO reports the 15-year-old had just boarded Metro Route 128 when she noticed a man hop on as well and sit down seat across the aisle. That’s when she said the man started making noises. When she looked over, she said his pants were pulled down.

The eighth grade student said the man then asked if she had any lotion and if he could call her later.

She responded by recording the crime with her cell phone, getting a clear image of the suspect's face – and other distinguishing features.
Although the cell phone recording provides some key evidence in this case, experts warn victims aren't recommended to try and get it.

“You really don't know how a person is going to act in this particular case,” said Myrle Carner
With Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound. “They could go off and start assaulting you, assaulting others. We just never really know.”

Frequent bus commuters said the metro system is well patrolled, but that crime is too often part of the commute.

“Like bums on the sidewalk, I'll be walking by and they'll just show me their privates,” said Timothy Kostelac, who rides the bus.

“I've seen people smoke crack on the bus, smoke pot. I've seen fights,” said

Sue Nylund, another commuter, said she has spotted people smoking crack and marijuana on the buses.

Police are now using a photo to track down the suspect who exposed himself on the bus.