Police work new leads, but 7-year-old boy’s killer remains mystery

Posted at 11:00 PM, Jul 19, 2013

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Police say the tips are coming in, but they need more.

For Brendon Mackey's mom though, one word could help her greatly during the grieving process.  "’I'm sorry’ would be enough,” Marie Harris said.   “Because I know it wasn't intentional, so hearing "sorry" would mean a lot at this point."

The little boy's family continues to struggle with their loss.

"At this point now, where things are dying down,” said Harris.  “It hits me that he's not coming home.”

Seven-year-old Brendon Mackey, walking into a Sunday Park restaurant with his father on the Fourth of July was hit by a stray bullet. Police say it was from someone shooting celebratory gunfire.

Police have narrowed the search area for the triggerman from a mile to mile-and-a-half radius around Sunday Park.  ATF agents and patrol units have canvassed neighborhoods, knocking on doors, hoping to generate leads.

But to this point, dead ends.

"Working off a tip, we talked to a guy who voluntarily turned his weapon in,” said Chesterfield Captain Chris Hensley. “We tested and it was not a match."

Hensley says no one has immunity when it comes to this investigation.  "We do carry Glock-22's and if following a lead brings us to an officer, we will investigate that,” he said.  “But as far as ammunition, we have hollow point rounds and this was a full metal jacket."

Who fired the shot that killed the little boy?   A question a grieving mother wants answered as she prepares for a life without him.

"I had already started school shopping and summer reading,” said Harris.  “It will be hard that first day of school, walking to the bus stop and not having him there."

Monday night police will pound the pavement on other Brandermill streets.  They have 1800 doors to knock on, and they say they plan on hitting every one of them.