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$500 pizza tip part of man’s final wish

Posted at 1:28 PM, Jul 12, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-12 13:34:33-04

CHICAGO (WGN) – Kindness is contagious is a lesson from learned the grave for a brother of a man who died suddenly at the young age of 30. His dying wish was do something extraordinary for a total stranger. From that simple act, a movement was born and it bowled over a Chicago pizza server this afternoon.

Pequod’s server Vanessa Goldschmidt got the shock of her life today. On a mere $30-dollar tab, she received a $500 dollar gratuity.

It’s a happy moment following a sad story, the journey from grief to gratitude.

The last will and testament of Aaron Collins reads: “Leave an awesome tip and I don`t mean 25-percent! I mean $500 dollars on a pizza.”

Aaron’s brother Seth didn`t hesitate for a moment.

Exactly one year ago today, less than a week after his brother passed away, he passed on that generous spirit, giving that first whopping tip in their hometown, with the family gathered around at Puccini`s in Lexington, Kentucky.

Seth posted the experience on social media. The clip went viral and the gift grew.

To date more than $60,000 in donations has poured in, sending Seth on a mission across the country to drop tips in every state. And since Aaron was once a pizza server, and Chicago is famous for its pies, Seth chose Pequod`s for his big delivery.

Aaron`s idea of a gift for someone random turned out to be the best gift he could give his grieving brother, stretching out over the country now having visited 55 restaurants.

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