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LISTEN: Pregnant radio host’s water breaks on-air

Posted at 8:58 AM, Jul 11, 2013

By Will C. Holden

DENVER, Colo. (KDVR) – Plenty of women work right up to the last moment of their pregnancies in this day and age, but few of them have to share some the unpleasantness of those waning hours with an entire city.

Kathie J did just that Wednesday morning.

The co-host of Denver’s top-rated morning show on KS107.5 sat by, powerless to stop her water from breaking as one of her fellow hosts, Kendall B, introduced a story. The show’s third and final host, Larry Ulibarri, wasted no time proving his gender.

“Oh my God, gross!” Ulibarri said. “That is so … Did you just pee?”

Soon after the initial moments of panic in the studio passed, Kathie explained her suspicion that her water just broke, and then turned back to her co-hosts, asking, “What do I do now?”

“Call your husband, for God’s sake!” Kendall B exclaimed.

Kathie was helped out of the studio and on to Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, where she spoke via telephone around 10 a.m. on FOX31 Denver’s “Everyday” show, with Chris Parente and Melody Mendez.

“I’m in the room, I’m all hooked up and we’re just waiting for the arrival of Baby J,” Kathie said.

Explaining her due date was not until the coming Tuesday, Kathie said she was caught off guard when her water broke almost a week early.

“I was just going to keep working and working, and, oh my gosh, there it happened,” she said. “I felt like I was tinkling myself on-air. And that’s not normal.”

So when will the devoted radio host be back at work?

“Definitely next week I’ll be back,” Kathie joked. “Okay, maybe not. I’m going to take a few days off, but not too many. We’ll work it out.”