Chesterfield horse killer at large; reward offered

Posted at 11:56 PM, Jul 11, 2013

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WTVR) - Henry Gleghorn and his family have a makeshift grave on their farm to remind them of their horse, Legend.

"It'll be his little memorial," said Gleghorn.

The memorial is also a constant reminder for the family that their beloved horse is gone. On June 29, Henry said someone boldly came onto his property and fatally shot Legend in the throat.

"I can't grasp the kind of person that did it because I don't think like that, I don't want to think like that. I have no idea why somebody would kill a horse," he told CBS 6 News' Chelsea Rarrick.

The death of the horse is also putting neighbors on edge.

"I'm a little uneasy knowing someone could boldly come up and do what they did," said Jolene Vest, who lives next door to Henry Gleghorn.

Henry still has his other horse, Nick, but he doesn't have answers as to who killed Legend and why. Henry is offering a reward to anyone who might have information on the death.

"It's going to be a fairly hefty pot," he said.

Henry said the reward started at around $1,000 from his family and has continued to grow by the help of friends and the community.

"I'm hoping that it will entice somebody to share that information with police," said Henry.

Henry and his family have also put up fliers in different areas near their home. He also said he has a message for the person or people who took his horse's life.

"Your days are numbered," he said. "They're going to catch you, somebody is going to turn you in."

If anyone has information, call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.