Family known for helping others stabbed in home burglary

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 09, 2013

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR)--It was a confrontation that landed the homeowner in the hospital.

Martha Rollins said her husband, Randolph, is recovering from stab wounds and they're grateful he survived the attack.

Richmond Police say the homeowner came downstairs and confronted a stranger in the house. During a struggle to get the suspect out of the home, Police say the homeowner was stabbed.

The suspect was able to make his escape. Police used a K-9 and an airplane to try to track the suspect, but were unsuccessful.

Neighbors say they were shocked to see all the police and lights in their neighborhood, which is beside Byrd Park.

Randolph is on his way to recovery, said Martha.  "We would love to share the story of this, because it's an opportunity for Richmond to be motivated to great things," Martha said.

Randolph, a retired attorney, is the founder of the non-profit "Drive To Work", which helps assist low-income persons in getting their driving privileges restored, so they can drive to work. He was formerly Virginia's secretary of public safety.

Martha is one of the partners behind Boaz & Ruth, a faith-based, "second chance" program for those in need. The non-profit organization provides life/work skills and re-entry assistance for released prisoners.

The organization is located on the city's North district, near Highland Park, and worked with their first trainee back in 2002.