Rumors swirl that Gov. McDonnell will resign

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jul 07, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-09 01:51:52-04

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--Conservative blog The Bearing Drift, which covers Virginia politics, reported that Governor Bob McDonnell is resigning due to corruption charges.

It set the social media rumor mills churning with speculation, specifically Virginia politicos.

In the article they stated, "Multiple more sources confirming plea agreement is definitely being finalized." They posted that the Governor was in the midst of making a plea agreement with the feds and would soon resign;  two unnamed sources were cited.

"It would be a bad bet," said long-time political consultant Paul Goldman.

Goldman said the chances of McDonnell resigning are slim. Nevertheless Goldman acknowledged that there is a frenzy of speculation about McDonnell stepping down.

"Everybody was trying to figure out what was going on,"  said Goldman

Gov. McDonnell's camp responded via Twitter to deny the rumor.

"It is false," wrote Tucker Martin, Gov. McDonnell's communications director, in response to someone asking if the rumor was true.

The director of the Center of Politics at U. Va., Larry Sabato, also denied the rumor on Twitter. "Gov. Bob McDonnell is NOT resigning. I have checked. That is official. Irresponsible rumors are wrong."

Sabato also wrote, "I normally ignore a rumor. But it's so widespread tonite I sought and received official permission to post this."

Still,  more questions surfaced Monday about the possible resignation as McDonnell attended a press event for the opening of the new Redskins park.

“We're talking about the Redskins being here and a great day for the city of Richmond and those are some really really bad rumors and you shouldn't pay attention to them," said the governor.

This rumor comes after Virgina State Senator Chap Peterson (D) wrote a letter asking for Gov. McDonnell to step down.