James Gandolfini’s will generous with family, friends; most goes to teenage son

Posted at 3:05 PM, Jul 05, 2013
(CNN) — Late actor James Gandolfini’s will left large amounts of money to family and friends, with much of it going to his teenage son, Michael, according to a copy of his will made public Wednesday.

Gandolfini, who found fame in the hit HBO series “The Sopranos,” died of a heart attack last month in Rome at age 51.

Besides receiving all of his father’s clothing and jewelry, 14-year-old Michael is the beneficiary of a $7 million life insurance policy owned by a trust set up in his name. The trust also has the option to purchase Gandolfini’s Greenwich Village condominium in New York.

Michael lives with his mother, Gandolfini’s first wife, in California.

Gandolfini’s widow, Deborah Lin, receives all of Gandolfini’s tangible property, aside from the clothing and jewelry. The will says Gandolfini made other provisions for Lin not listed in the will.

Both Michael and his half-sister, 8-month-old Liliana Ruth, receive a 50% stake in property Gandolfini owns in Italy. It’s being held by a trust and will be available when Liliana turns 25.

“It is my hope and desire that they will continue to own said property and keep it in our family for as long as possible,” Gandolfini states in the will.

“The Sopranos” star left $500,000 to each of his nieces, Laura and Jenna Antonacci, and $200,000 each to his assistant, Trixie Flynn Bourne, and friend Thomas Richardson.

His godson Robert Parish receives $100,000, and friends Fatima Bae and Doug Katz each receive $50,000.

The remainder of his estate is divided among his direct family: Lin, Liliana, and Gandolfini’s sisters Johanna Antonacci and Leta Gandolfini.

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