Family says they can’t afford to bury son

Posted at 6:16 AM, Jul 03, 2013

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - The family of a Dinwiddie County teenager killed in a crash says they do not have enough money for his funeral. Timothy Childers, 18, was killed in an accident on Hamilton Arms Road in Dinwiddie on Sunday.

"I can't afford to pay for the funeral, and I can't afford to pay for the casket," said Timothy's mother Rachael Childers.

Childers said her family had little money coming in since she is on disability and her husband is having to use workman's compensation. The couple recently took custody of their three grandchildren, ages one, two, and four.

"I just need some help to bury my baby. I want to give him a proper burial," Childers said through tears.

Timothy, or "TJ" as he was known, recently graduated from high school. His family said their son planned to attend college in the fall.

Friends flooded TJ's Facebook page with messages of support for his family, Childers said.

"He was such a good-hearted boy. He'd take his shirt off his back for anybody," Childers said.

A memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday night at the crash site. The public is invited to join family and friends at 6 p.m. to remember TJ.

The "Timothy Childers Memorial Fund" has been set up through Wells Fargo. Anyone interested in donating can go to bank locations and mention the fund.

Money can also be sent to Joseph M. Johnson Funeral Home in McKenney. The phone number is 804-478-4411.