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Manhunt after driver killed in Orlando road rage incident

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 01, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-01 17:22:17-04

ORLANDO, FL — The hunt is on for a gunman after a man was shot to death on a Florida highway while he was on the phone with police. Authorities believe he may be the victim of road rage.

A Saturday shopping trip turned deadly for Fred William Turner Jr. after he was gunned down on I-4 in Tampa. Yet, another unexplained incident of alleged road rage.

Turner called 911 as he got in his car and left a TAmpa, Florida store. He told police a man he did not know was following him.

Police say they don’t know why Turner was being followed. He told the authorities he had not done anything to provoke the man, but while still on the phone, he was killed.

His death, the latest incident connected to road rage, another example of an alarming number of such cases being reported.

June 9th in Maryland, an off-duty New Jersey police officer allegedly shoots and kills another motorist. June 17th in southern California, a fight between two businessmen breaks out in rush hour traffic, and is caught on cell phone video.

In fact, according to AAA, there were 1,300 road rage incidents last year alone. In 300 of those, someone died.

Source – CNN

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